Imagine the Possibilities Music Therapy & Piano Studio, LLC, located in Wooster Ohio, provides music therapy   services  to aid   in the development of communication, academic, motor, emotional, and social interaction skills for children ages 0 – sixth grade.  Group music sessions for children and their parents/caregivers are offered through the Learning through Musical Play Early Childhood Music Program.  Services for older children and teenagers will be added soon.   Music is nonthreatening for most children and  a fun way to work on improving needed skills!  A music therapist utilizes rhythm instruments, drums, movement props, books, and various age appropriate games to help children to achieve their goals.   For additional information regarding music therapy go to the American Music Therapy Association’s website at   www.musictherapy.org.   The studio also provides piano lessons for all ages and abilities.

The mission of Imagine the Possibilities Music Therapy is to give every child it serves the opportunity to not only imagine what is possible, but to make what is possible a reality by providing quality music therapy services in a safe and nurturing environment.   The mission of the Piano Studio is to provide a structured positive learning experience for each student, child or adult, to explore interests, learn musical skills, and develop academic and social skills.





Saturday June 8th (4 weeks) AND July 13th

Baby Bop 1                            9:00 – 9:45

Baby Bop 2                           10:00 – 10:45

Toddlers Makin’ Music      11:00 – 11:45

Preschool Rock                     12:30 – 1:15



“Music therapy works on so many levels – physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.  And it’s not just for children with disabilities!  Research results are very positive for music therapy opportunities for early learners such as increased attention span and increased abilities in pre-reading and pre-math.  I was proud to offer this option to children in “my” Head Start program for over 20 years!”

Carla Unkefer, retired Head Start Director


About the Owner….

Kathy Odenkirk, owner of Imagine the Possibilities Music Therapy & Piano Studio, LLC, is a music therapist who is nationally board 20141108_224200-1-1certified.  She holds a Bachelor of Music Education Degree (1982), an Equivalency (Bachelor) Degree in Music Therapy (1989), and a Master of Arts Degree in Music Therapy (2008).  She has over  24 years experience working with children as a therapist as well as over 35 years experience teaching piano.  Kathy has a great deal of experience working with children of all ages including creating the preschool music program at Wayne Center for the Arts, an Outreach music program for Head Start (Wayne Center for the Arts), a Head Start music therapy program (Community Action Wayne/Medina), music therapy program for a mother and child program (Community Action  Wayne/Medina), and the music therapy program for the Early Head Start program (Community ActionWayne/Medina).  She also supervises practicum music therapy students and interns and has given trainings for  preschool teachers on the effectiveness of music therapy.

Imagine the Possibilities Music Therapy & Piano Studio, LLC can be reached at 330-465-5187 or by email at imaginethepossibilitiesmusic@gmail.com.


  1. Shawn Vallery

    Good morning. We are currently taking our granddaughter to lessons in Wadsworth each week. We are wondering where in Wooster you are located, since it may be closer for us.

    Thank you for taking our question.
    Mrs. Shawn Vallery

    • imaginemusictherapy

      I am currently located close to Christmas Run Park and Cornerstone Elementary School in Wooster. Please feel free to call me at 330-465-5187 with any other questions! Thank you for your interest – I look forward to hearing from you!

    • imaginemusictherapy

      I generally do not travel to someone’s home. Which service from Imagine the Possibilities Music Therapy & Piano Studio were you interested in? Where are you located?

  2. Sara Hawk

    Hello! Our 5-year-old son has bilateral cochlear implants. He does very well with speech and receptive comprehension, but not so well with singing or understanding words in songs. Could music therapy help him with that, or is that just an “age thing”? Thanks!

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