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Where you are never too young or too old to learn!

What’s Happening

Spring 2017 —  Enrollment for piano lessons are on the rise at Imagine the Possibilities Music Therapy & Piano Studio !  It’s not too late to sign up for lessons – start right now or sign up for summer lessons.  Call 330-465-5187 (be sure to leave a message if you don’t get me!) or email @ imaginethepossibilitiesmusic@gmail.com.

Whether you see a future concert pianist, rock star, or just a fun leisure skill to learn piano lessons are a great place to start your musical journey!  Taking piano lessons not only teaches a music skill but other skills as well.   Children who take music lessons do better in school both academically and socially.  Additional skills learned include attending, sequencing, basic math skills, and emotional expression – just to name a few!  There are many studies proving these facts but prove it for yourself by checking out piano lessons for your child – or even for you!

Individual weekly 30 minute piano lessons for children as young as age 4.  For the younger students (ages 4 & 5) parents participate with their child during the last 10 minutes of the lesson so that they are able to help their child practice at home.  Once a student is older and more advanced, lesson time can be expanded to 45 minutes to allow more time for learning.  Piano lessons are an excellent way for children who are home schooled to work toward achieving the necessary music requirement.  Lessons for older students or adults can also be scheduled for a 1 hour time slot (equal to 2 half hour lessons) taken every other week.

Lesson Fee Information  (private lessons only)

Payment is due on the first lesson of the month.  Lesson fees (current January 1, 2015) are:

3o minute lesson       $14.00/lesson ($56.00/4 lesson month)

45 minute lesson           $18.00/lesson ($72.00/4 lesson month)

For more information or to schedule a lesson call 330-465-5187 between  8am-6pm (leave a message after business hours) or email @ imaginethepossibilitiesmusic@gmail.com

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