October 12, 2015SM_no-tag_022113-small

Last week the preschoolers danced with steamers and enjoyed creating music on the gathering drum (which included making frogs dance on the drum!).  The toddler class had a great time chasing bubbles!  Classes are held at the First Presbyterian Church in Wooster, Ohio.  Registration for the next session (which begins on October 23rd) has been extended to this Friday, Oct. 16th.  Come join in the fun!  Spaces are limited.  Go to imaginemusictherapy.com and click on the Sprouting Melodies page to register.  Hope to see you there!


October 20, 2015

The last Sprouting Melodies found the toddlers chasing bubbles, playing instruments, & helping a bear jump and dance on a parachute!  Preschoolers drew pictures to music, played the gathering drum (yes, the frogs were back!), & danced!  Watch the website for details about the Christmas party/open house in December and the winter class schedule.

Imagine the Possibilities Music Therapy & Piano Studio, LLC of Wooster is excited to announce a pilot music therapy program with Wayne Center for the Arts and the Salvation Army of Wooster.  The program will run for 4 weeks/sessions.  IPM Studio is looking forward to providing music therapy services at the Salvation Army!

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