Learning Through Musical Play uses music and movement in a fun interactive way to help children learn basic academic, social interaction, and motor skills.  Music activities are educationally and socially based and are taken from a variety of sources including Learning through Child’s Play: a developmental musical journey for parents and their children.   There are 2 different programs within Learning through Musical Play Early Childhood Program: the Parent and Child Classes and the Preschool/Daycare Program.

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Winter Classes 2020 will be held at the Wayne Center for the Arts!  Baby Bop 1 and 2 will be held on Tuesday mornings and Toddler’s Making Music and Preschool Rock will be held on Thursday mornings.  Contact Kathy Odenkirk at 330-465-5187 or imaginethepossibilitiesmusic@gmail.com OR the Wayne Center for the Arts for more information about registration.

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CLASSES OFFERED (see descriptions below)  

Baby Bop 1  (0 – 9 months)

Baby Bop 2  (10 months – 23 months

Toddlers Makin’ Music  (24 months – 35 months)

Preschool Rock  (ages 3-5)


**If you are looking for “A Musical Journey to Kindergarten” and “Drum Circle Fun!” classes please go to the Creative Kids Music Therapy Services page to register! **


**If you are looking for the Preschool/Daycare program, continue to scroll down!**




Imagine how much fun your child will have learning to count by playing the drum or learning colors by matching color rhythm instruments to the same color card.  Children will dance with scarves and chase bubbles while listening to music! Younger children will explore instruments and move to the music.  We will sing old favorites and learn new favorites.  Each week a song sheet will be sent home so that you can keep singing those new favorites at home! Older children will also have the chance to make instruments to take home.  Singing, playing instruments and drums, dancing, and having fun while bonding with your child will be part of every class!  These classes are held at the studio.

Learning Through Musical Play classes were created for newborns through age 5 and their caregivers.  Learning Through Musical Play classes are 45 minutes long with the first 5-10 minutes for socializing and experimenting with instruments before settling in to have more fun.  Classes are led by Kathy Odenkirk, MA, BME, MT-BC.  Kathy has over 30 years of experience working with young children in a variety of settings.  She has taught preschool, led music classes at Wayne Center for the Arts, and led music therapy sessions for 24 years at a local Head Start program.  She also currently teaches piano.


  Four Classes will be Offered at Various Times Throughout the Year:

Baby Bop 1     (0-9 months)

Lap time is more fun when you add bouncing to the beat or shaking a maraca high and low!  Play Peek-a-Boo with a scarf while singing to your baby.  Help your little one play the drum or reach out for a favorite instrument.

Baby Bop 2    (10 months – 23 months)

Exploring drums, playing shakers, and chasing bubbles are just a few of the fun music activities you and your little one will do together !  Dance, move, and sing!

Toddlers Makin’ Music   (24 months – 35 months)

Toddlers like to move and explore the world around them.  Singing to increase vocabulary, dancing with scarves to learn social boundaries,  and creating music with rhythm instruments will make exploration fun!  Plus so much more for you and your child!

Preschool  Rock    (3 years to 5 years)

This class is for preschoolers ready to make music independently (parents are welcome to stay and watch!).  We will play rhythm instruments, put books to music, and learn basic academic skills while having fun making music, dance, and make rhythm instruments.  We may even write our own songs.


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Learning through Musical Play
$48.00 – 4 week session


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Learning through Musical Play weekly music classes, taught by Kathy Odenkirk, MA, MT-BC, to be held at your center for toddlers (Toddlers Makin’ Music) and preschool children (Preschool Rock).  Children who participate in Learning Through Musical Play! will sing, play rhythm instruments & drums, dance, write songs, and have fun while learning basic skills.  Music activities will be educationally and socially based.  Music class themes can also be coordinated with current class themes. Each class is      15 -20 minutes (depending on age) to easily fit into your daily schedule and generally meet once/week.  Classes are offered in packages and each class is $15.00.  Pick and choose what works for you!

Packages Include:

Try it Out!           2 classes          $30.00

Package A           4 classes           $60.00

Package B           6 classes           $90.00

Package C           8 classes           $120.00

Package D           12 classes         $171.00

Package E            24 classes        $342.00

*Package D & E include a 5% Discount*

For more information about this exciting fun program, please contact Kathy at imaginethepossibilitiesmusic@gmail.com or call 330-465-5187.  **If you are interested in  the class A Musical Journey to Kindergarten, please check out the Creative Kids Music Therapy page.**